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Sunday, June 19, 2011

HomeMade Laundry Powder Kicks Tide's Hinney!

I had posted this on my Facebook page about a week ago & the response was off the charts with friends wanting the "recipe". Of course the first question is "Does it really work?" Well, yezzzzz. I'm always lookin fabulous aren't I? LOL It honestly does work as well, if not better (to me) than Tide or Gain. I love those brands, but being the 'singlet' that I am and watching my pennies, I'd rather pay about .08 cent a load instead of .80 (Yikes!) Also, for those that have the snazzy HE front washer that sound like an airplane landing...(LOL) this powder works great because it is very low bubbling.

This YouTube vid is almost identical to what I use. This will save you $$$$ Use 1 tablespoon for a light load & 2 for large or heavily soiled. I rarely use ZOTE, I use Kirk's Castile (Publix) bc ZOTE is kinda hard to find but it does smell good if you can find it. :o) The fragrance oil I use is Hobby Lobby ~Something Fabulous Fresh Rain. :o)

A shout out to Pinky for this video! :o)

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