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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Happy Tablecloth :o)

I had been looking for a tablecloth to brighten up my dark wood kitchen table. What I could afford, I didn't like, and what I did like...well let's just say, I'd prefer to have enough money left to serve a meal on the new tablecloth. (Plus I'm cheap) Fast forward to one of my routine thrift shop ventures. There it was. A sad little blue tablecloth, probably cast away without a second thought from a wedding or baby shower. I save it's life for $4.99 then stop at Hobby Lobby with my 40% off coupon & pick up a stencil & some fabric paint for under $5.00. (Score!)

I forgot to buy the stencil dabber paint brushes. Never fear, I have make-up sponges. (Brilliant!) I randomly painted the circle designs all over the cloth. No pattern, just where ever I thought needed filling. I think it turned out well. It seems to be "Happy" now. :o)

We're just going to pretend that it doesn't need ironing, k? Thx! ;o)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

DIY Grits & Honey Scrub~Ooo Lah Lah :o)

Grits = Southern, Southern = Grits. By request: Here's the 'recipe' for a fabulous do-it-yourself Grits & Honey Face/Body scrub. You should already have all the ingredients in the cabinet. The is the exact same ingredients as *HollyBeth's* $25 for 2oz. seen here:
"Southerners have long loved grits as a hearty breakfast staple. You can begin a new love affair with this gentle and all-natural exfoliant. Based on a family recipe, Grits & Honey Facial Scrub will leave your skin soft as a baby’s bottom."

Well ALL Righty then!! Here's to being baby butt soft!! This is what you'll need:

1/4 cup Honey 1/2 cup Grits
1 Vitamin E Oil (from capsule or about 1 tsp.)
1 tsp. Almond or Virgin Olive or Coconut Oil (doesn't matter but the coconut smells yummy!)

Now mix it all together.
And that's it!!!
Keep refrigerated when not in use, as there are no preservatives. Wet face or skin & rub in a circular motion to exfoliate skin, then rinse off.
That's it!!! Srsly!! Enjoy :o)

DIY {painting on ceramic and porcelain}...Sweet!!!

You know all those boring white plates you pass at the Dollar Tree?? Well..not anymore!! {squeal!} Check out's easy how-to make signature/designer/cutesy dinnerware...or anything else ceramic or porcelain. Ohh..this is going to be dangerous!! (<--the good kind). Can anyone say "Fabulous/Personal/Inexpensive Gifts??!" I thought so. ;o) Click on the link, lovies.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Yard Sale Tips From The Pros..besides ME!

*SIGH*...This is SO me! A passion (Ok, fine-addiction) of digging through other people's junk to find treasures. I almost feel like I'm doing something sneaky knowing that a 'throw away' can have another fabulous 'life'. When friends Ooh & Ahhh over it, once it's been resuscitated...instead of just saying "Why, thank you!" I blurt out something like "OMGosh, I only paid $2 for it at a yard sale!!" Anyway, I could go on for days. I ran across this article & had to share. Click on the link so you can Ooh & Ahhh with me. I'm up for yard sales on Sat. mornings...just say'n. Enjoy!

A Midsummer’s Night Dream…..

Reckon they like Cheetos & Pepsi?? The Summer Solstice is when they come out & grant wishes!! :o) Click on the link below.
A Midsummer’s Night Dream…..

Sunday, June 19, 2011

HomeMade Laundry Powder Kicks Tide's Hinney!

I had posted this on my Facebook page about a week ago & the response was off the charts with friends wanting the "recipe". Of course the first question is "Does it really work?" Well, yezzzzz. I'm always lookin fabulous aren't I? LOL It honestly does work as well, if not better (to me) than Tide or Gain. I love those brands, but being the 'singlet' that I am and watching my pennies, I'd rather pay about .08 cent a load instead of .80 (Yikes!) Also, for those that have the snazzy HE front washer that sound like an airplane landing...(LOL) this powder works great because it is very low bubbling.

This YouTube vid is almost identical to what I use. This will save you $$$$ Use 1 tablespoon for a light load & 2 for large or heavily soiled. I rarely use ZOTE, I use Kirk's Castile (Publix) bc ZOTE is kinda hard to find but it does smell good if you can find it. :o) The fragrance oil I use is Hobby Lobby ~Something Fabulous Fresh Rain. :o)

A shout out to Pinky for this video! :o)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

southern hospitality

Check out these thrift finds (curbside, Goodwill, FREE!) Retail?? What is that?!

One of my VERY favorite websites/FB profiles to follow. She posts all kinds of fun things everday.

Craft DIY Ideas

This Blogg'n Thang...

A dear friend of mine, Stacy, whose name will remain anonymous...said that since I do "crafty" things, that I should create a blog. Allrighty then, Let's! This will be a work in progress, and confusion (already), so if you'll agree to LOL with me if I post/delete/cover up things in the wrong place, I'll do my best to share with you some pretty cool ideas, awesome links to craft articles, fab-o websites and perhaps a few 'Southernisms' thrown in (by default). Okey doke?? :o)

I'm an antiques junky/know it all. <--My sister's words. I consider myself a historical treasure hunter extraordinaire..just say'n. I used to own a totally awesome antique shop (sniff sniff..that's a whole 'nuther story) So, if you have a question about a dusty 'ol something that you can't decide to throw away or have insured for your retirement, I'll try & point you in the right direction. Send me a pic & we'll go from there. Lesson 1: 100 years or older is an antique. Lesson 2: Less than 100 years is vintage. Lesson 3: If it says Dishwasher Safe, put it in the yard sale.

I have posted a few easy breezy crafty things on my Facebook page, so I'll probably post them on here as well. If we're buddies on Facebook & you see them again, well then you'll see them again. It's not all about you, ya know. ;o) Feel free to let me know if you have some great crafty ideas that you'd like to share with everyone or if there is something you'd like to discuss. I'm blessed to have a lot of Christian Sistas that are fabulous advisers & would love to pray for you if you're going through a bad spell. We call it 'porch therapy'. One is a Family Christian Counselor Dr. that may chime in from time to time. See, we're just roll'n in Blessed around here. ;o)